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Some information about me

My name is Federica Allodi, I am a Psychologist specialized in Bioenergetic Analysis and EMDR I-II.

I combine body, analytical and relational work to help people release muscle tension (indication of a somatic and psychological defense against past or recent trauma), manage affects, expand the capacity for intimacy and learn new ways of relating to others and with themselves.

To enrich my work in the context of trauma, if necessary, I use EMDR which is a therapeutic approach used for the treatment of trauma and problems related to stress, especially traumatic stress.

Italian by birth, Dutch by adoption, I graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a thesis on Developmental Psychology at the Chair of Prof. Anna Oliviero Ferraris.

Always passionate about Disability and Psychological Development, areas in which I served as a trainee first and then as a volunteer, I decided to deepen the universe of somatic-relational psychology, earning the title of Psychotherapist at the IIFAB (Italian Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis) of Rome.


After having practiced for years in public and private contexts, serving first as a Psychologist and then as a Psychotherapist according to the Bioenergetic Analysis Model, in 2020 I chose to deepen my knowledge related to stressful and traumatic experiences, obtaining the First Level Specialization in EMDR. In 2023 I completed the Second EMDR Level.

During all these years, I have made my experience available both in different contexts (Family Counseling, Mental Rehabilitation Center, Community, Private Practice, Holistic Medical Center) and for different categories of users (individuals - adolescents, adults, disabled and not , groups - preparation for childbirth and post-natal, disabled and non-disabled), providing treatments and psychological support on various topics (depression, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, stress, relationship problems, negative self-image just to name a few).

I have been registered in Italy since 2009 as a Psychologist (n.16666) and since 2013 as a Psychotherapist but continuing to reside outside the Italian territory, in January 2022 I decided to request cancellation from the Council of Italian Psychologists. 

Since 2021 I have been enrolled in the Dutch Council of Psychologists (n. 231574) and from March 2022 I'm a PSYCHOLOOG NIP. Starting from April 2022 I became a Member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) 

My professional services can be requested in Italian and English, a language that allows me to offer support to Expats of various nationalities. I’m currently studying to bring my basic knowledge of the Dutch language to an advanced level so that I can obtain the Diploma State Examination, necessary for the BIG-registration. 

My clinical practice takes place both in person and online.

As an healthcare professional in The Netherlands, I have the legal obligation to report domestic violence and child abuse to organizations that can provide aid to victims in this situation. To do this in a safe and responsible way, I follow a Code: for more information, please visit

For information about the complaints and disputes procedure, please visit the NIP pagina.

You can submit your complaint at , or digitally using the complaint form .

The Bioenergetic Analysis


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