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Frequently asked questions

Your questions and my answers

I have put together in this list a number of questions that have been asked frequently in my career. It is normal for patients to have questions at the beginning of the journey with a qualified psychologist, and I encourage this curiosity. Here you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me.

What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

It is a therapeutic approach that combines verbal and body work. Its creator is Alexander Lowen. Further information can be found on the website IIFAB

What is EMDR?

The acronym EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) indicates a psychotherapeutic method aimed at treating various psychopathologies and problems both related to traumatic events and emotionally stressful experiences. Further information can be found on the website EMDR

Can I attend the Bioenergetic Class of exercises at any age and in any psychophysical condition?

Yes, but after informing me: in this way I can organize the Class with the necessary precautions. For example, if there are difficulties in maintaining an upright position, a series of exercises to be done in a sitting position will be organized.

I have to cancel an appointment: what can I do?

It is sufficient to notify this within 24 hours of the start of the appointment. Otherwise, the full amount will be charged.

How long does a session last on average?

On average, a session lasts 50 minutes but sometimes it may be necessary to end the meeting after 60 minutes: flexibility is a fundamental element in this work.

I have difficulty making an appointment at the indicated times: is it possible to find another time?

Yes, it is possible to find a space, for those with particular impediments, even at other times and on weekends.

I live too far away to use the services at the address indicated: what other possibilities are there?

In these situations, I work online (on Zoom, Skype and Google Meet). This allows me to reach even those who reside in other countries.

I would like to know if after the first meeting, I am obliged to start a path.

Absolutely not. The first meeting (totally free) is for both of us to get to know each other and to understand if it is possible to work together. If not, it will be my concern to send the person who contacted me to another colleague and / or specialist as needed.

Are your services covered by the insurance?

I advise you to contact your insurance company directly: due to the great confusion that exists with respect to this topic, I am not able to provide any exhaustive answer. If you are denied this possibility, know that my services have a reduced cost. Contact me for more info.

I am a person with reduced mobility/a mother with stroller: can I access your studio?

At the moment, the only architectural barrier is represented by a small step that will soon be covered by a ramp: in the meantime, I will help you enter.

Is there parking?

Yes and it's free.

Can I reach the studio by public transport?

Certainly: consult the map to see the most convenient solution. At Hilversum station, you can also rent a bike and reach me in a few minutes.

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